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From: Matthew Sherborne 

Dear Friend

sales whether you’re an internet newbie, seasoned internet marketer or somewhere in between, you need to read this!

If six months ago someone would have told me I could get an absolute flood of people to my website, or to any affiliate product I wanted, on command and absolutely free, I would have laughed in their face!

I mean c'mon we've all spent countless hours looking for that one technique that seems just around the corner, but never is. Bought that "once in a lifetime" course that was supposed to be the next best thing. Or attempted a website promotion scheme that didn't deliver.

I can't even remember how many different opportunities I've tried - and how much money I've wasted!!

I had fallen prey to all the internet noise and was suffering from what I like to call, a serious case of "information overload." I thought that I had jumped through all the hoops to succeed.

I spent many days and nights putting up websites with unique content, obsessing over search engines, starting Google Adwords campaigns to promote affiliate products and even throwing money at a variety of different types of advertising campaigns.

What a waste it was. My websites were ghost towns and my ads were losing money fast. Basically I was sinking and going nowhere without a paddle. The more time I spent online searching the more frantic I became, then a disturbing thing happened.

Like a compulsive gambler trapped in Las Vegas, I lost control. I spent more on advertising than I was bringing in. I started maxing out my credit cards.

I even borrowed money from a friend just to try to keep my finances afloat. I stopped going to the movies, eating out, and enjoying life. My life consisted of working and sleeping. I needed help and I needed it fast!

Have you ever had one of those “Ah Ha” moments when you could finally see things clearly for the first time? I’m talking about one of those life changing events when you knew things just clicked. As incredible as it may sound, several months ago I had one of those moments and it hit me like a ton of bricks.

It was an opportunity like I'd never seen right in front of me!

I had been missing out on the website with the biggest, greatest free offer I’ve ever seen. You get a free website that is fully customized by you and a network of over 200 million people.

myspace top listI couldn’t believe that Myspace had been popular for over two years and so many people hadn’t even taken advantage of it!

Like many marketers I had resisted the urge to dive right in to social marketing until I couldn’t help it, but I saw that Myspace is everywhere!

Best of all, it's making people rich!

That's when I realized with glaring certainty that I’d have to be a fool to waste another day. In a moment of clarity I seized on the opportunity and went right to work targeting the highest paying niches I could find.

You know what happened? I made my first income in about an hour, sitting at home in my beach shorts!

I used the same technique again and again and immediately it was making more money in a fraction of the time each day!

Within a short two weeks I was making money in only 15 Minutes of effort, day after day! Not only could I pay the bills (and my friends), I didn't have to throw any more money out the window for advertising! I got to keep every single penny as profit!

Myspace Tip #1

Create a Myspace profile that is clean, compelling and appeals to a specific
hobby, like or desire. This will maximize
your chances to retain your visitors
attention and drive them to act

In the next few minutes I’ll reveal to you, my no-holds-barred way to turn the most successful social networking site into your very own virtual ATM machine.

It doesn’t matter your skill level. With the secret formula you’re about to uncover, you can earn hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a day for life.

You see what I discovered was that you can start creating a steady stream of income working much less than an hour a day. All by using the leverage power of Myspace with its 200 million members to market virtually any product you want, completely free!

It’s such an easy system it practically runs on autopilot and it's got an inexhaustible supply of customers. You set it up the way you want and you do not even have to sell anything!

Matt, I'm Ready --> I Want It Right Now!

Once you tap into the World's Richest Source of Customers — You Can Unleash an Avalanche of Visitors to Your Website, Affiliate Page or Your Own Business!

Introducing... Myspace Cash Machine

If you have spent long around the internet, then I'm sure you've heard about the absolute Sonic-Boom, Myspace has made to the industry. In fact, Myspace is growing, with more people of all ages signing up than ever before.

The sheer volume of traffic is explosive, and the potential for you to profit from it has never been easier. Each day online entrepreneurs in the know are making more money with no sign of ever slowing down. Will You be next to grab your share?

Very simply, if you own a website, are an internet marketer or have a desire to make your money from the comfort of your own home, then using Myspace Cash Machine is a no brainer.

You will earn money with these techniques even if you have no product to sell.

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Listen to what other people have to say about Myspace Cash Machine.

"Made More Money From Home Than at Work! "

Thank you Matt,

You wouldn't believe how amazed I was to come home from an 8 hour work day and see that I finally made more money from home, while I was gone, than working all day!

The easy to follow steps you laid out in the Myspace Cash Machine really helped me to achieve this.


Greg McDermott
Walnut Creek CA

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"My Website Visitors Have Tripled"

Dear Matthew,

I was shocked to see today that the number of people coming to my website had tripled.

That's only from following one step out of your Myspace Cash Machine package. Just wait until I start using them all!

Best Wishes

Dave Koenigsberger
Chico CA

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"...This is a Dream Come True. "

Dear Matthew,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this book! For the past year I’ve watched MySpace grow and had no clue how to be a part of it.

Since implementing your techniques, my little website is now getting more views than ever. As a stay-at-home mom, this is a dream come true.

Thank you!

Pamela Travis
Oceanside CA

Discover All Of The Insider Myspace Techniques!

"I Will Show You the Formula for Making
Big Money on MySpace
by using the
Top Secret Techniques, that "Myspace" will NEVER in a million years tell you about..."

Don't expect to be reading about this on the Myspace homepage. You think they care about you. They are in it for their own advertising revenue. And why shouldn't they, after all Myspace was recently bought for over 500 million dollars.

The thing is, they would rather you didn't know about the opportunities on their website. You see, they would love to keep all of the profits for themselves. The problem for them is, this huge of an opportunity is impossible to hide.

There are more than 1 ½ billion page views daily on the Myspace servers. That's a lot of potential customers with a lot of cash waiting to be transferred in to your bank account.

You should know that from these millions of people there are quite a few people making a very good living on Myspace. Some people are making thousands of dollars each and every day and they are doing it in very little time.

Like Myspace, these savvy marketers are hoping you will never find out the techniques they are using from the Myspace Cash Machine.

Call it greed, because it's certainly not like there is a lack of customers. Its funny, but it's true, the best Myspace marketers hold on to these secrets like a snapping rottweiler holds on to a jealously guarded piece of meat.

After you get your copy of the Myspace Cash Machine you might even think I'm nuts for having given away all of my most closely guarded secrets!

Access Everything Right Now!

Really Will Profit from Myspace

You probably know that absolutely anyone can use Myspace to get a free account, but it doesn't stop there. Once you learn the formula for success you will effortlessly rake in large sums of cash by marketing any opportunity you choose to a captive audience.

Myspace Tip #2

When adding content to your profile you’ll want to include targeted, attention-grabbing and relevant content, without it sounding like a sales message. Your profile should be full of keywords that relate to this target audience. It should also include an entry point to your product or service.

You will see how simple it is to find a group of people with the same interests and give them exactly what they are looking for.

It has never been easier.

That is not even the best part, once that person finds out just how good your offer is, he will tell all of his friends and their friends will tell others, and so on.

You get to benefit immediately from best kind of advertising.

Word of Mouth Advertising Works for You

Word of mouth advertising is so powerful it creates a buzz among a large group of people which will propel your profits to the top!

With the proper message your offer turns into a buzz that becomes Viral Marketing which blows the lid off conventional advertising because it spreads incredibly fast and it is free!

As your viral marketing explodes across the millions on Myspace you can just imagine the impact all of that exposure will have on you. It brings a big smile to my face thinking about what you're going to do with all of your new found cash!

Are you getting excited yet? You should because:

Your Benefits Are Endless

You can promote on a site of over 200 million people for free! Just think about that a second and what this could mean for your chances of making some real money.

It is practically impossible to find this kind of opportunity these days, anywhere!

Increase your exposure to the world and gain recognition for yourself or your business. There really are no limits. You finally can be seen and heard. This is the time and place to make it happen!

You've dreamed about it. Now you can do it.

I can remember when the thought of making a living online was a distant dream. One of the

Myspace Tip #3

People love to hear stories when they’re entertaining and engaging. If you can present your story in a way that appeals to what your target audience wants, you’ll produce a thirst for more!

greatest days of my life was when I discovered I would no longer have to slave away at a 9-5 job making someone else rich.

It took me one full year of trial and error and several thousand dollars studying every marketing course I could get my hands on to get where I am today.

I’ve consulted with many of the top promoters and marketers on Myspace to bring these closely held secrets to you!

You can use all the time and effort I put into this course to jump-start your own business and launch you straight to the top. Easily saving yourself valuable time and money!

Get All Of The Myspace Marketing Secrets !

Here Are a Few of the Secrets You Will Discover With the MySpace Cash Machine...

checkGet the people visiting your profile to instantly become your best affiliates.

checkIncrease your product sales or affiliate product sales by as much as 500% practically overnight!

checkQuickly increase your website sales by as much as 500% and crush your competition

checkFlood your opt in list and capture the most email addresses in record time

checkBroadcast your marketing messages to generate thousands of dollars of income each and every month

checkUse Viral Marketing to get your message heard loud and clear by thousands of people or more

checkFind undiscovered niche markets that pay

checkEstablish your MySpace profile the right way to earn the most money

checkUse the power of networking to make more friends than you thought possible

checkWhere to find the HTML code to create an effective MySpace page.

checkUse MySpace forums to find niches and drive traffic to your offers

checkCreate MySpace groups that send a stampede of customers to your offers

checkFind people that are willing to go to work for you finding friends and increasing your profit

check Use your status to earn profits every day as an online promoter

checkMake your Adsense revenue Skyrocket! You won't believe how many clicks you get!

checkAutomatically generate thousands of free sign-ups to your email list.

checkDrive massive amounts of free targeted (age, gender, zip code, keywords, more) traffic to your web site.

checkTap into the mind of your prospects and have them become your viral Marketing Army

checkIncrease your affiliate commission checks by "pre-selling" affiliate products with customized and personalized profiles

checkConduct market research to find the hottest markets with the most profit potential

checkPay less for advertising by getting it for free

checkGet any website quickly indexed on the search engines.

checkGet Hundreds of Backlinks to your website

checkLink to Your Product or Service from your MySpace Account.

checkHow to Get a Massive Amount amount of Friends to join your profile without the use of Friend Adders or Auto Train Script Programs.

checkAnd Much More...

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Make Money From Anywhere In The World

Anyone with a computer, an internet connection and a little effort can make a living on the Internet working from home.

Your days of sitting in traffic will be a thing of the past. Make money from anywhere, your beach house, on the east coast, on the west coast, or on a tropical island halfway around the world... it's up to you.

You'll have the flexibility in your life to finally do what you want. You can Travel around the world and see things most people only dream of by watching TV.

Experience the Excitement of Having a
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The feeling of making large amounts of money is truly something you have to experience. But really it is about so much more than money...

Imagine Having a Lifestyle of Total Freedom. No longer having to Imagine the lifestyle of total freedom but actually living it, is something I truly hope you can experience if you haven't already

What Would You Do With This Much Freedom? We all have our own reasons for wanting to work from home. Think about your own reasons. How much does it mean to you to be able to realize your dreams?

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What if you could spend more time with your family? Imagine not having to worry about not being there enough for your loved ones. Working from home means that you won't have to sit at some job you hate (more like a jail cell) while the lives of the people you care most about fly by.

You've dreamed about it. Now you can do it.

No matter what your interest, an Internet business gives you more free time to do the things you you want to do with your life.

Being your own boss will give you more freedom than you can imagine.

Remember: These Breakthrough Tactics Work, Even If You:

  • Don't Have Your Own Product
  • Have No Sales Experience
  • Want to Earn Money with Adsense
  • Offer Your Own Product or Service
  • Want to Earn Money as an Affiliate

A System That Could Make $100, $300, or even
$500 PER DAY?

What is this opportunity worth to you? How highly do you value your freedom? Can you really put a price on having more quality time with your family each and every day?

How much would you pay to go to sleep at night knowing that you are living a debt-free, independent life? And how about knowing that you can wake up whenever the heck you please, and never again answer to an alarm clock or demanding boss?

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There's finally an easy way to get all of the codes you need in one place. This collection of Myspace HTML and CSS codes will quickly and easily get you on your way to maximizing your online profits

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Myspace Resources Book

You will have access to the very best websites, forums, tools, resources and online tutorials dedicated to Myspace. These are some of the same sites I use to run my own extremely successful marketing campaigns.


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Myspace Friend Finder

The MySpace Friend Extractor quickly and easily lets you access the most popular Myspace profiles. Now you can immediately generate visitor traffic to your product and offers in no time!

Here's just a few of the instant rewards you get from the Myspace Friend Extractor:

  • Find the most active Myspace profiles to place your comments on.
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  • Get more friends requests daily.
  • Generate more traffic in less time.

Here's the easy to use formula:

1.) Create Myspace accounts
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3.) Send comments to your new friends for exposure.

Easily get tons of visitor traffic every time people view the comments you leave on these high value profiles.


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Ebay and Myspace Secrets

Skyrocket Your Profits With This Simple eBay Formula You Can Use Over and Over To Become Your Own 24 Hour
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Forum Marketing

Special report reveals the Simple Techniques ANYONE can follow to elevate your chances of successfully profiting from any forum. Discover how to make even more money establishing yourself
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  • Find a Hungry forum Market
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Myspace Celebrity Profiles

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check  Starting A Profitable Membership Site Without Cost.

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Here's more testimonials from satisfied customers...

" I couldn't put it down until I read
the entire thing
! "

After reading a slew of overpriced, overhyped, internet marketing resources this year, I found this guide on marketing on My Space to be very refreshing. In fact, I couldn't put it down until I read the entire thing.

Although Matt warns you at the beginning that some of these techniques may not fly with the My Space terms of service, I disagree. As someone who will only use honest and ethical marketing techniques to promote my business (dishonest techniques will only lose you business in the end), this ebook will teach you how to get the most out of My Space.

Not to sound cliche, but these tips are practical. Matt not only shows you what you should do to improve your marketing campaigns, he shows you how to implement the strategies. Most of them are so easy and common sense to do you'll wonder why you didn't figure them out on your own. What you learn from this ebook is easily enough for you to build a solid marketing foundation for your business. This ebook is well worth the price, and it will be a valuable resource to your marketing arsenal.

Jinger Jarrett

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"I’m a junior in college...
All I can say is thank you!

Dear Mr. Sherborne,

I’m a junior in college. I was trying to get a job the conventional way, but because of my weird hours for classes, I was having a hard time getting hired. My brother came across your website and told me all about it. I decided to check it out - after all, I realized I was already spending at least an hour on Myspace anyway!

All I can say is thank you! I have money coming in all the time and can really focus on school instead of stressing. If only I had known about this sooner!


Nicole Franke

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" Thanks for a terrific book "

Hi Matt,

I’ll admit, I bought your book because I was desperate. I didn’t think my business – a health product -  could work on Myspace. But you said it would, and you were right! Thanks for a terrific book.

Ryan Olsen
Del Ray Beach FL

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